Please Read the Conditions of the Concessions Permit before downloading and submitting the Concessions Permit Application form.

Concessions Policy

Please read and download the following city ordinances regarding concessions in a city park. Only if all of the policies are followed will a corresponding permit be issued.

Community Parks Section

Concessionaires interested in selling concessions in community parks will be required to apply for a concessions permit specific to each park (SPECIAL EVENTS, YOUTH AND ADULT SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS ARE EXCLUDED). The awarded contract will be for a term of one season (6 months) and the BPRPL will have the right to review the location where the vendor will be selling, the price being charged and the product being sold to ensure that the appropriate concessions are being sold. Products being sold must complement the needs of park users. The BPRPL reserves the right to allow more than one vendor per park and to limit the number of concessionaires at a facility.

NOTE: Permitted concessionaires will not be allowed to sell their concessions at special events, used as fund-raisers for non-profit organizations, unless authorized to do so by the event organizers. (Examples: Saturday Live and Symphony in Pioneer Park; Mexican Fiesta at South Park; Big Sky State Games, etc.)

ParkFor ProfitCommunity OrganizationNon-Profit
Downtown Skatepark$1000$750$500
Castle Rock$500$375$250
Bike Trails$500$375$250

* In areas of the park not associated with Slow-Pitch (BSSA), Pirtz Field (American Legion Baseball), Little League (Central Giants), Little Guy Football or Batting Cages.

Non-Profit organizations must provide 501 (c) 3 documentation.

All applications for permits must be received at least fifteen (15) calendar days before the start of the event. A damage deposit of $500 is required. The damage deposit or a pro-rata share will be refunded after the event if no damage occurred.

Sale of Service and Sports Camps Section

Parties interested in selling a service or organizing a sports camp or instructional clinic in a city park are required to obtain a Sale of Service Permit to make available, to the general public, their service, clinic, or camp. All permits must be received at least 15 calendar days before the start of the event. A refundable damage deposit of $500/event is required.


  • $100 per day / park (For Profit Business).
  • $50 per day / park (Non-profit Organizations).
  • Non-Profit organizations must provide 501 (c) 3 documentation.


This Policy is subject to review each year. Request for concessions not specifically addressed in this Policy must meet the criteria used to develop and form this policy: to address, in part, explore and bring to the City Council full range of options to foster public / private partnerships for development of City projects, maintain and improve our community infrastructure, add to and focus Parks, Recreation and Public Lands resources to improve infrastructure condition and service availability, provide a more enjoyable park and recreation experience by the availability of concessions, and finally to provide a source of revenue to meet the demands of increased expectations on our park and recreation system. Additionally, this policy is intended to set standard rules and regulations for vendors and vending opportunities for city parks and facilities managed by the BPRPL to ensure that prospective and current vendors are treated consistently. This policy will also allow us to regulate what products are sold in our city parks, what prices are charged and when and where concession sales can occur throughout our extensive parks and recreation system. Requests not meeting these criteria will be denied.


Proceeds from the Concessions Policy will be used for parks and recreation improvements through the City of Billings Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The Parks, Recreation and Cemetery boards recommended and approved (12-11-02) that proceeds stay in the Parks, Recreation and Public Lands Department for parks and recreation improvements, maintenance, operations, and future development.


Approve Concessions Policy as City Ordinance to enhance ability to enforce policy.