Meets 2nd Wednesday of Every Month, 11:00 a.m. – The Parks, Recreation & Public Lands Advisory Board will meet at our main office conference room (390 N 23rd Street) unless otherwise noted on Board Agenda.

9 Total Members: 4 Years Per Term/2 Term Limit (Note: Unless replacing a member who leaves before term expires, that replacement must first finish the former member’s term until it expires and then re-apply for their 1st– 4 yr. term. *Cannot be reappointed when term expires) 

Jim Rott1st 12/31/2025
Thom MacLean2nd 12/31/2026Chairman
Mark SulserSchool District 2 Rep.
Melissa Henderson2nd 12/31/2024
Chuck Platt2nd 12/31/2024
Jon Thompson1st 12/31/2025
Maia Dickerson1st 12/31/2024
Jami Clark1st 12/31/2024Vice-Chair
Laura Drager1st 12/31/2025