The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

Memorial Tree Program

A Memorial Tree is a wonderful way to celebrate a life, new birth, accomplishment or a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary or graduation. Planting a tree is beneficial to our community by providing shade, cleaner air and cools our streets and homes. All of our memorial trees are specifically chosen, planted and cared for by our certified Forestry staff. Trees can be purchased any time of the year, but will be planted in early spring or fall. Trees are guaranteed to survive at least 10 years or will be replaced.

Please download the PDF by clicking this link.

Planting Guidelines for Boulevards Tree and Shrubs

All vegetation should be 30’ away from intersections to provide line of sight for vehicles and pedestrians

Trees should be planted in accordance with minimum distance between trees, small trees 20ft, medium 30ft and large trees 40ft from the closest tree.

Trees should be planted a minimum of 10’ from fire hydrants, street signs, and street lights.

Trees should be planted a minimum of 5’ away from driveways or other concrete structures.

Trees should be set back at least 18” from curb and sidewalk to avoid obstructing pedestrians and car doors as the tree matures.

Shrubs shall be of a species that does not grow above 3’ in height at maturity to maintain good lines of sights for vehicles and pedestrians.

Only small growing species may be planted under overhead lines.

Planting Tips

  1. Avoid planting trees to deep.  The trees first major root should be at ground level.  Often time’s trees come too deep from the nursery and require having soil removed from the top of the root ball to reach the proper planting depth.
  2. Keep sod away from the trees stem.  The use of mulch is highly advised. Place 2-3 inches deep, out to the drip line of the tree.
  3. Watering trees require different watering requirements than turf.  Trees should be watered before and after planting.  Deep root watering should be done until the tree is established approximately every 7-10 days.
  4. Do not fertilize in first year of planting.
  5. Call 811 for underground utilities prior to any digging.