Rocket Camp

Elton John’s favorite camp of Summer!
Rocket Camp is a great introduction to
payloads in model rocketry. Learn about the
forces acting on a rocket while in flight, parts
of rockets, stages of rocket flight, rocket
motors, staging and the physics of motion
and aerodynamics. Participants will build
two model rockets capable of carrying a
payload, and launch them twice. Payloads
will include a raw egg and an altimeter.
Space is limited. Don’t miss out on one of
our most popular camps!


Activity # 1216-A
Date June 24 – 28
Age 10 -14 years
Cost $110/residents, $120/non-residents
Days Monday – Friday
Times 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Location Billings Community Center (360 N. 23rd St) Monday – Thursday
Friday launch day location TBD
Enrollment Min.6 / Max. 10