Elton John’s favorite camp of Summer! Youth Rocket Camp is a great introduction to payloads in model rocketry. Learn about the forces acting on a rocket while in flight, parts of rockets, stages of rocket flight, rocket motors, staging and the physics of motion and aerodynamics. Campers will also learn the history of rockets as they have been used throughout history. Participants will build two model rockets capable of carrying a payload, and launch them twice. Payloads will include a raw egg and an altimeter. Space is limited so sign up today! Don’t miss out on one of our most popular camps!

Rocket Camp will be a week long at the end of June. A great way to celebrate 4th of July weekend. Launch day is usually held at Amend Park, but with be officially determined at a later date.

Registration opens up April 1st! Check out the 2024 Summer Brochure to see all the fun and exciting options Billings Parks and Rec has to offer.