Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp Series is an all-day, active and adventurous camp designed for 9 – 13 year olds with engaging activities to ensure they are moving, exploring, and developing throughout each day. Each week campers will participate in activities based around the featured theme. Our Camp counselors are American Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certified and will follow established camp/bus rules to ensure safety at all times. We strive to maintain a 8 to 1 participant to counselor ratio at all times for camp. Any changes due to weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, will be communicated as soon as possible to participants.

Required EACH DAY at camp: sack lunch, snacks, water, sunscreen, bug spray, towel, swimsuit, comfortable walking shoes, water shoes and a change of clothes. Personal items and electronics are discouraged at camp. Any allergies to food, sun screen, bug spray, etc. should be communicated to camp staff. We would like to keep our camp “nut-free” as the potential for an allergic reaction may be increased due to the sharing of equipment, art supplies, and other items, as well as reducing the possibility in which food residue is transferred from one participant to the other. Transportation will be provided by Billings Parks and Recreation. Parents or guardians are required to sign-in and sign-out their camper daily, as well as drop of the completed consent form by the first day of camp.

Check out our Summer 2021 Brochure to see all Billings Parks and Rec has to offer.

Wild West Time Travelers
Take a trip back in time and explore the Wild West and learn the skills that the early cowboys, pioneers, and mountain men mastered. Camp will focus on the early inhabitants and settlers of Yellowstone Valley and the surrounding areas. Activities include: visiting historical sites and tours, hiking, climbing, and canoeing.

Youth Leadership Camp (June 14th-18th)

Returning to Adventure Camp this year, is Youth Leadership Week. Half of the day will be spent with William Henry of Be Better World, focusing on leadership, confidence, and self empowerment through educational activities. The other half of the the day will consist of counsellor driven leadership actives. A great new addition to Adventure camp.

Incredible Aquatic Exploration
Make a splash this summer with exciting water activities! Water education is provided, as well as exposure to new aquatic experiences. Activities include: white water rafting, snorkeling and water slides!

Ultimate Outdoor Adventure (June 28th- July 2nd)         Ultimate Outdoor Adventure (July 19th- July 23)

This mega adventure exposes campers to the thrilling outdoors. There is overnight camping on Thursday night each week (menus and overnight schedule are provided prior to camping trip). Activities include: Overnight camping, white water rafting, horseback riding, and much more!

Into the Wild
Geared towards learning about nature and what it has to offer, this hands on camp enlightens campers of activities that our great state provides. Activities include: Paddle boarding, Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary, Yellowtail Dam and Pompey’s Pillar.

Science Week
Explore the great unknown’s science has to offer, plus some of the amazing engineering feats humans have created. Activities include: rocket launches, science labs, dam building and other exciting activities.

Animal Planet
Camp will focus on learning about plants, animals, and insects found in Montana and around the world and the extraordinary adaptations that allow them to survive in harsh conditions. Activities include: ZooMontana and Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

Zombie Survival Camp
As outrageous as your child’s imagination, this camp will provide creative scenarios that teach life-saving survival skills. Gore is limited, however, the post-apocalypse sensation is explored at great lengths. Activities include: zombie dress, zombie races and zombie challenges.

Montana Adventures
Campers will learn all about the exciting things that make Montana unique. Activities this week will focus on activities in Yellowstone Valley and the surrounding areas that make the Montana lifestyle one of a kind. Activities include: visiting historical sites and tours, hiking, climbing, and canoeing.

LocationNorth Park Center (6th Ave. N & 19th St)
TimeDrop off   7:30-8:00am  Pickup     4:30-5:30pm
Activity #DateThemeCost
Week 11060-AJune 7 – 11Wild West Time Travelers$175 per week
Week 21060-BJune 14 – 18Youth Leadership Camp$195 per week
Week 31060-CJune 21 – 25Incredible Aquatic Exploration$195 per week
Week 41060-DJune 28 – July 2Ultimate Outdoor Adventure$245 per week
Week 51060-EJuly 6 – 9Into the Wild$145 per week
Week 61060-FJuly 12 – 16Science Week$175 per week
Week 71060-GJuly 19 – 23Ultimate Outdoor Adventure$245 per week
Week 81060-HJuly 26 – 30Animal Planet$195 per week
Week 91060-IAugust 2 – 6Incredible Aquatic Exploration$195 per week
Week 101060-JAugust 9 – 13Zombie Survival Camp$175 per week
Week 111060-KAugust 16 – 20Montana Adventures$175 per week
All Session1060-MJune 7-August 20All Summer Package$1,950