Fall Adult Coed Volleyball

Hit the courts and hang with your friends! Come play this fall on Sundays at Castlerock School! Games will be...read more


Gentle Yoga

It is slow paced, relaxing practice that includes moving the limbs and torso in a comfortable way. Great for those...read more


Zumba Gold

Joint Friendly Zumba. Zumba for a all Ages (18+) and experience. Low impact workout for adults who are looking for...read more


Cardio Walk-Walk to the Beat

Easy to follow group fitness class that combines walking and moving with upbeat music! Check out the schedule below for...read more


Chair Strength Training

Chair Strength Training uses different seated fitness programming which focuses on low impact strength training from a chair. Come join...read more


Chair Tai Chi

Chair Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that improves balance and increases your range of motion. It uses a series...read more


Kettlebell AMPD

Kettlebell AMPD is a group fitness format that takes heart-pumping music and kettlebell moves and combines them into 45-60 minutes of calorie...read more


Fitness by Design

Fitness By Design is for those who new to fitness or get tired of always doing the same workout routine....read more


Sit and Get Fit

Sit and Get Fit uses different programming which uses low impact exercises from a chair. This program is focused on...read more


Cardio Strength

Build, Move, Grove! This class uses a variety of group strength training formats that use kettlebells, toning sticks and resistance...read more