Rules and Regulations

Park Rules and Regulations
Important City Park Ordinances you should know

1. Park Hours: 5:00 a.m. – 10:00 pm daily, (sec. #19-201).
2. Vehicles: Unauthorized use of vehicles in parks is strictly prohibited for public safety,
(sec. #19-205).
3. Projectiles: No golf balls, archery, metal spheres, are to be used in a public park,
(sec. #19-209)
4. Tennis Courts: Are for the sport of tennis, not for skateboarding or in-line skating, (sec.#3-202).
5. Alcohol Use: Drinking alcoholic beverages in public parks is prohibited unless an alcohol permit has been authorized by the Parks, Recreation, and Public lands Department, (sec.#3-202)
6. Dogs in Parks: (Policy download available below)
Designated Parks: The following parks within the boundaries of the City of Billings may be opened to use by the public for walking and exercising restrained pets, as listed:
a. All un-landscaped portions of the Heritage Trail system within the corporate city limits;
b. Mystic Park, on Buena Vista Avenue;
c. Swords Park and Black Otter Trail Park, and adjacent city owned property on top of the rims east of North 27th Street and south of State Highway 318;
d. All natural park areas owned by the city along the rimrocks west of North 27th Street and south of State Highway 3;
e. The unimproved portions of Centennial Park, Rimpoint Park, Palisades Park, Descro Strip Park, Lampman Strip Park, and Lampman Park;
f. All unimproved natural park areas owned by the city along Alkali Creek that are within the city limits;
g. All unimproved property owned by the city in High Sierra Subdivision adjacent to High Sierra Park;
h. All unimproved park areas in Cedar Park, and Briarwood subdivisions, and;
i. The walkways within Harvest and Olympic Park Subdivisions.
Parks located within the County Jurisdisction. Coulson, Riverfront, and Phipps Diamond X Ranch Parks are not within the City of Billings boundaries and shall be governed by the applicable Yellowstone County Animal Control Ordinances.
(sec. #4-407)
7. Pools: Swimming or wading in public swimming pools after regularly scheduled hours is restricted due to public safety concerns,
(sec #19-207).
8. Violations: Any persons violating any laws in public parks are subject to fines and possible imprisonment if found guilty of a misdemeanor,
(sec. #1-110).