General FAQ’s

What makes a “Miracle League Field” so special?

A Miracle League Field is specifically designed to accommodate athletes with physical and or cognitive challenges. The construction of the field is made with a rubberized surface to accommodate wheel chairs and bases and pitching mounds are painted on, making the surface area completely flat. The size of the field is smaller than a normal Little League field with enlarged dugouts to accommodate the accessibility needs of the athletes.

Where is The Miracle League of Billings field located?

Landon’s Miracle Field- The field is located at Landon’s Park (2216 38th Street West) which is located inside of Poly Vista Park (38th Street West and Poly Drive) and directly south of Arrowhead Elementary School. All Miracle League of Billings games will be played at Landon’s Miracle Field. 

Where do I park at The Miracle Field?

Along with the completion of Landon’s Miracle Field, an ADA accessible parking lot is located north of the field. There is also parking located on 38th street west, which is east of the outfield fence.

Miracle League Player FAQ’s

Who is eligible to play in The Miracle League of Billings?

Any athlete (Male or Female) 5 years of age and older who have physical and or cognitive challenges are eligible to sign up! The league will be split into two age divisions, 5-17 Youth and 18+ Adults.   

Do I have to live in Billings to play in The Miracle League of Billings?

Absolutely not! In fact, you don’t even have to live in Montana. Players from all communities and states are welcome. If you can make it the games, you are always welcome to register. *There is an additional $10.00 non-resident fee for anyone that lives outside of the Billings city limits.* 

My athlete has never played baseball before. Will he or she be able to play in the league?

Absolutely! All skills levels and abilities are welcome to play. This is for exercise, enjoyment, and the opportunity to play baseball.

Does my athlete need any special baseball equipment of uniform?

The City of Billings Parks and Recreation Department will provide a MLB replica jersey (top only) and hat to all players, and is covered in the registration fee. Baseball pants are optional. Sneakers only on the Miracle League Field, no cleats or spikes. Baseballs (official Miracle League softer balls), helmets, bats, and tees will be supplied. It is suggested that each player has their own baseball glove (with their name somewhere inside), if the athlete is able to put a glove on their hand. Athletes are more than welcome to bring their own helmets and bats if they wish. All player owned equipment should be labeled with the athlete’s name. 

What are the Miracle League games like and when are they played

All Miracle League games are considered non-competitive. Each game lasts 2 innings (approximately 1 hour) with every player coming to bat in each inning. Every player scores and all games end in a tie. The last hitter of each half inning hits an inside the park homerun to clear the bases.

When doe the Miracle League season run?

The Miracle League of Billings has two baseball seasons.  The spring season begins in late April and concludes in late May or early June. The fall season begins after Labor Day and runs until early October. Our goal would be to have a 4-6 week season with games on Saturday mornings with each team playing 1 game per week.  These dates and length of season are subject to change based on weather. 

How are the Miracle League of Billings teams formed?

Players are registered through the Billings Parks and Recreation website, www.BillingsParks.og. Each player will be assigned to a team in one of two separate divisions based on their age.  Players may request to play with a particular friend who is also playing in the Miracle League.  Be sure to note this friend request on your registration where asked.  We do our best to accommodate all requests. Most teams will have approximately 10-15 athletes on each team. 

How much does it cost to participate in the Miracle League of Billings?

Registration fees are $45.00 (per season) for residents of Billings and $55.00 (per season) for non-residents. The Miracle League is all about removing barriers for children and adults with special needs so that they can participate in recreational, educational, and cultural activities as any of their friends or siblings do.  We recognize that sometimes those barriers may involve financial difficulties that a family may be going through.  We do our best to subsidize most costs for our programs in order to keep them affordable.  If you find that you may need a scholarship for the Miracle League, we encourage you to come down to our main office at 390 N. 23rd street and fill out a scholarship form. The form must be filled out in person at our office and only applies to city youth and adult residents. All requests will be kept strictly confidential. We are happy to work with all of our families in order to be sure that every child who wants to participate is able to.

What happens after I register an athlete for The Miracle League of Billings?

All players will be contacted by email after registering with information about the beginning of the season. That email will go to the email that is on the household account in which the athlete is signed up under. Please make sure that email is correct and is checked frequently. That will be our main way of communicating schedules, changes, or cancellations.  

Miracle League Volunteer FAQ’s

How can I volunteer

There are several opportunities to get involved and volunteer! All games days will be an event that will require many volunteers to make the experience for the athletes a memorable one. A buddy for each player, pitcher, catcher, announcer, scoreboard/music, national anthem singer, coach and assistant coach, assist with coordinator of buddies, and Homer the Mascot just to name a few of the major roles.

What are Buddies and how do they help?

Buddies are volunteers who assist our athletes with the game of baseball. Miracle League players have a wide range of needs and abilities. Some of our players need very little assistance during the game and may just require some encouragement while others physically need assistance with hitting and fielding the ball, as well as moving around the bases. A Buddy’s number one priority is the safety of the player that they are working with during any particular game.

Does a volunteer have to be available to help every week of the season?

We appreciate any time that our volunteers can give us.  As we have multiple games on any given day, it’s greatly appreciated if you can stay for more than one game per day (each game lasts approximately one hour).  Our players sometimes become attached to their Buddies, and some great friendships develop during the season if there is some consistency.

Who can be a Miracle League Buddy?

Anyone who is 16 years of age or older may volunteer to become a Miracle League Buddy.  If any athlete feels more comfortable with having a relative be their Buddy and they are younger than 16, we can accommodate that request. Adults are welcome and appreciated. A background check is required if over 18.

I have a team or group that would like to be Buddies. Can we volunteer as a group?

Certainly!  Volunteering together is a fantastic team building exercise for any group.  It is a perfect way for high school baseball or softball teams or other groups to give back to their community.  We can schedule you for a couple of hours on one day or for multiple days.  We ask that all members of your group be 16 years of age or older as we require for all of our Buddies. For more information or to schedule your group please contact us.

Do I need to know much about baseball in order to become a Buddy?

Absolutely not. You do not need any particular athletic skills to be a Buddy.  All you need is compassion, enthusiasm and energy.

How do I register to be a volunteer? Can I just show up on game day?

All volunteers must pre-register and walk ups on game day will not be able volunteer. Registration is available online through a link on our website. Registration for volunteers starts about a month before the start of the season and continues throughout the season.  There is no cost to register as a Miracle League Buddy.  We will contact all Buddies who register prior to the season to discuss schedules.

What should I expect on game day?

Please arrive 30-45 min before game time for a pre-game meeting and to sign all required documents, watch buddy video, etc…All Buddies are issued a t-shirt on their first day. You will be assigned to a player as they arrive and given their athlete profile detailing specifics about the athlete and how you can assist them in making it a great experience! 

Do I need any baseball equipment to be a Buddy?

No you do not.  If you have a baseball glove, bring it, but it’s not necessary.  Sneakers are required, no baseball cleats are allowed on the Miracle League Field.

What if we cannot attend one of our scheduled games?

Please let us know by email if you are not going to be able to make it on any particular day.