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To passionately provide excellent tree care to the Citizens of Billings, Montana by helping make our Urban Forest in our parks and public spaces healthier and safer.


The City of Billings Urban Forestry team is charged with the management of Billings 8,800 Parks trees and the vegetation management of 1,400 acres of natural areas.

It is our goal to make Billings Park trees as safe and sustainable as possible by maintaining a cylindrical pruning cycle as we diversify tree species throughout Billings.  It is the objective of the forestry team to prune 827 small trees and 880 large trees per year.  In doing this each small Park tree will be pruned every 3 years and every large tree pruned every 7 years.

Urban Forestry staff includes a City Forester, Arborist, and several seasonal grounds persons throughout the year.

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