Our Team

Michael Whitaker, Director(406) 657-8369
Mike Pigg, Superintendent of Parks(406) 657-8373
Kory Thomson, Superintendent of Recreation(406) 657-8376
Christopher Waite, Cemetery/Parks Supervisor(406) 657-8299
Jennifer Brown, Senior Services Specialist
(406) 657-3051
Mark Jarvis, Park Planner(406) 657-8367
Cole McQuillan, Parks Supervisor(406) 657-8297
Steven McConnell, City Forester(406) 237-6227
Paul Reinhardt, Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator(406) 657-8308
Dan McKinney, Recreation Specialist(406) 657-8493
Chris Martin, Recreation Specialist(406) 657-8374
Brad Knutson, Recreation Specialist(406) 237-6201
Melonie Trang, Administrative Assistant
(406) 237-6272
Allison Reichert, Customer Service Coordinator(406) 657-8371
Linda Gerhardt, Senior Office Assistant(406) 657-3050