Chris has been with the City of Billings Parks, Recreation and Public Lands Department since May of 2013; Chris originally joined the team as the Volunteer Coordinator and in 2018 accepted the Cemetery/Parks Supervisor position. Chris has extensive experience and has worked professionally in the Parks and Recreation Field since 2005. Chris’s position allows him the privilege of working with a wide variety of groups and individuals from all around the City of Billings. One of his favorite aspects about this job is that it allows him to work in all the different parks at a variety of times throughout the year. Chris says witnessing how much the citizens care about their parks keeps him going throughout each various task within his job. Chris was the valedictorian from La Grande High School in 1998 and an honor graduate from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art.  Additionally, he is a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional since September 2013, a Certified Pool Operator, National Recreation and Parks Association member since 2005, Certified Professional Rescuer and a current member of Montana Trails, Recreation and Parks Association.  Since May of 2013, Chris and his family have made Billings their home. His three adventurous young children have grown to be his biggest hobby, as he enjoys chasing after them. In his sparse free time, which is usually from 10:00 pm to midnight, Chris enjoys making pottery and is a casual board game enthusiast. He’s recently discovered paddle boarding, and since his family enjoys getting outdoors, they plan to add that to the growing list of outdoor recreation they enjoy. Chris’s favorite natural areas to enjoy locally are Phipps Park, Riverfront Park, the Rims and Lake Elmo. In his “younger days” he was a soccer athlete and runner; however he currently has become invested in cycling and hiking. Each day Chris strives to help connect Billings residents to volunteer experiences that are meaningful and have an impact on themselves and the community. As our community is a valuable asset to the Billings Parks and Recreation Department, having Chris on our team has added the ability to build substantial relationships and partnerships between those vested in what we do.

  • Posted on: February 15, 2022