South Side Sprouts

South Side Sprouts is a unique program started in 2016, from the collaborative efforts of AmeriCorps VISTA, Billings Parks and Recreation Department, and Healthy by Design. South Side Sprouts was designed to give community members all the benefits of a community garden, while addressing the issues of the traditional stationary community garden site.

With container gardens, there is no need to travel or do extensive landscaping in order to grow fresh produce. This allows access to individuals who might not be able to participate in a traditional community gardens due to limited vehicular transportation, limited mobility due to disability, time restraints, or an inability to leave their home regularly.

The container gardens come with a self-watering system and planting soil to make the garden experience as easy as ever!


There was no cost to participate in the program.  However, you must fill out an application and entrance survey


                  For more information on the South-Side Sprouts Container Garden Program contact Paul Reinhardt at, or 406-657-8308.