Ponderosa Park Playground Replacement

Ponderosa Park is a very busy neighborhood park south of King Avenue East and west of Ponderosa Elementary School.  Installed nearly 25 years ago, this playground has over time become obsolete with many replacement play pieces no longer available, necessitating their removal to maintain a safe playground.  Billings Parks and Recreation staff are currently working to design a new playground with the latest play features that will be inclusive and accessible and, a lot more fun!   Elements of the playground include climbing pyramids, a giant slide, individual and group swings, spinning pieces, a “Sway Fun” and musical panels.  Many play pieces are inclusive for children of all abilities to play and have fun alongside their friends.  Also there will be a shade structure next to the playground for kids and parents to relax on hot summer days.  The equipment had been ordered and when it arrives, the old equipment will be removed and the new equipment will be installed.  It is anticipated this project will be completed this summer.

Below are renderings of the design that is to be installed at Ponderosa Park!