Water Safety Instructor

The Water Safety Instructor program (WSI), is for individuals looking to improve
and amplify their training to become a certified swimming lesson instructor. The
course consists of 30 hours focused on teaching instructors in life saving swimming
techniques. Throughout the course, you can expect to increase your presentation
skills, refine your swimming strokes and leadership skills. The Billings Parks and
Recreation Department has made it a priority to have all swim lesson instructors
complete the WSI course prior to teaching swim lessons. Returning staff can call
the main office at 657-8371 for more information.

Session 1
Activity # 1114-A
Age 16+
Date June 10 – 14
Days Monday – Friday
Times 8:00am – 5:00pm
Cost $185
Location Rose Park Pool (21st St. W & Ave. C)
Enrollment Min.10 / Max. 20