Rose Park Pool Lessons

Rose Park Pool Lessons are a staple of Summer programming with Billings Parks and Rec. Want to take Swim Lessons this Summer, but have a busy schedule? Rose Park Pool has many dates and times the will work for everyone. There are 6 levels of instruction for all swim skill levels. 

Click here to sign up for Rose Park Pool Lessons. All instruction will be held at Rose Park Pool  for 7 weeks throughout the Summer. Lesson times are from 10am-10:55am,11am to 11:55am Monday through Friday mornings. We will also offer a few weeks of lessons in the evening from 6:30-7:25pm. These sessions can be a great way to become comfortable in the water as a beginner, learn advanced skills, or become an advanced level 6 swimmer. Our instructors are certified and provide an excellent environment to have fun and learn new skills. Instructors and lifeguards are also First Aid and CPR certified in order to make sure everyone in Rose Park Pool is safe.

Check out the Summer 2021 Brochure to see all the fun and exciting options Billings Parks and Rec has to offer.

Ages: Boys & Girls Ages 4 & up
Cost: $55/residents, $65/non-residents
Days: Monday – Friday
Date Time Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
4-5 Years Pre-rec. L1 Pre-rec. L2 Pre-rec. L3 Pre-rec. L4 Pre-rec. L5
Week 1 10-10:55am 5011-A 5012-A 5013-A 5014-A 5015-A 5016-A
June 21-25 11 -11:55am 5011-B 5012-B 5013-B 5014-B 5015-B 5016-B
Week 2 10-10:55am 5021-A 5022-A 5023-A 5024-A 5025-A 5026-A
June 28-July 2 11 -11:55am 5021-B 5022-B 5023-B 5024-B 5025-B 5026-B
Week 3 10-10:55am 5031-A 5032-A 5033-A 5034-A 5035-A 5036-A
11 -11:55am 5031-B 5032-B 5033-B 5034-B 5035-B 5036-B
July 5-9 6:30-7:25pm 5031-C 5032-C 5033-C
South Pool 11-11:55am 5031-D 5032-D 5033-D
5-5:55pm 5031-E 5032-E 5033-E
Week 4 10-10:55am 5041-A 5042-A 5043-A 5044-A 5045-A 5046-A
11 -11:55am 5041-B 5042-B 5043-B 5044-B 5045-B 5046-B
July 12-16 6:30-7:25pm 5041-C 5042-C 5043-C
South Pool 11-11:55am 5041-D 5042-D 5043-D
5-5:55pm 5041-E 5042-E 5043-E
Week 5 10-10:55am 5051-A 5052-A 5053-A 5054-A 5055-A 5056-A
11 -11:55am 5051-B 5052-B 5053-B 5054-B 5055-B 5056-B
July 19-23 6:30-7:25pm 5051-C 5052-C 5053-C
South Pool 11-11:55am 5051-D 5052-D 5053-D
5-5:55pm 5051-E 5052-E 5053-E
Week 6 10-10:55am 5061-A 5062-A 5063-A 5064-A 5065-A 5066-A
July 26-30 11 -11:55am 5061-B 5062-B 5063-B 5064-B 5065-B 5066-B
Week 7 10-10:55am 5071-A 5072-A 5073-A 5074-A 5075-A 5076-A
August 2-6 11 -11:55am 5071-B 5072-B 5073-B 5074-B 5075-B 5076-B