Guard Start: Lifeguarding Tomorrow












Lifeguarding Tomorrow is a program for 12-15 year-olds that provides a foundation
of aquatic knowledge, leadership, and skills for a future as an American Red Cross
Lifeguard. The GuardStart curriculum contains multiple units in five categories
(prevention, fitness, response, leadership, and professionalism). Participants
will participate in numerous lifeguarding duties to prepare them for their future
Lifeguard accomplishments. All participants must be able to swim 25 yds., tread
water for 1 minute, and swim underwater at least 10 feet.


Session 1 Session 2
Activity # 5200-A 5200-B
Date July 8 – 12 July 22 – August 2
Age Boys & Girls 12 – 15
Day Monday – Friday
Cost $160/residents, $170/non-residents
Times 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location Rose Park Pool (21st St. W & Ave. C)
Enrollment Min. 2 / Max. 10