Core Yoga

This class aims to engage your abdominal muscles with Core Yoga poses. The poses help participants build a strong and stable center. A strong core has many benefits including a strengthened back, improved posture, and better balance. Core Yoga works by giving you the physical results you want, without the typical feeling of exhaustion after a long workout. Because the class aims to focus on the core muscles and would provide many benefits for seniors, this class would be safe for beginners and aging adults.

Session 1 Session 2
Activity # 6510-A 6510-B
Date Sept 25 – Oct 30 Nove 13 – Dec 18
Age 55+
Times 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Days Tuesday
Cost $35/resident, $45/non-resident
Location Billings Community Center (360 N. 23rd St)
Enrollment Min. 6 / Max. 25