Boulevard Tree Cost Share Program

The Cost Share Program is designed to provide trees along City streets at a shared cost between Billings homeowners and the City of Billings Forestry Division.  The program will be administered by Parks and Recreation Departments Urban Forestry/Natural Resource Division.  We hope to encourage a diverse selection of hardy species for our community’s forest.


Property owner- 50% of the cost of the tree, Forestry Division- 50% cost of the tree up to a maximum of $100

A typical tree is estimated to cost around $140.00-175.00


  • Planting site must be on the City street Right-of-Way, and inside City limits.
  • Site must be to final landscape grade and suitable for the tree species selected.
  • Underground irrigation is highly recommended.
  • Limit one tree per applicant per year.
  • Property owner is responsible for planting the tree or having the tree planted at their expense.  Cost of planting tree is not reimbursable.
  • Must follow proper planting and aftercare instructions to be included.

How it Works:

  1. Property owner fills out Cost Share Tree Application, returns completed application to the Urban Forestry/Natural Resource Division.
  2. Once received by the Urban Forestry/Natural Resource Division, a site evaluation will be conducted.
  3. Once approved, a Tree Planting Certificate with planting instructions will be sent to property owner.
  4. Property owner will go to an approved nursery, present the certificate, select, and pay for the tree.
  5. Property owner plants and or has tree planted.
  6. Property owner sends a copy of the Tree Planting Certificate and tree receipt to the Urban Forestry/Natural Resource Division.
  7. The Urban Forestry/Natural Resource Division will inspect the tree and if the appropriate tree species is planted correctly in the proper location, reimbursement will be made via a check to the property owner.
  8. Property owner cares for tree.

Tree size and species to choose from:

All trees will be 1.5” caliper or greater

Bur Oak, Hackberry, Valley Forge or Prairie Expedition Elm, Ginkgo, Littleleaf or American Linden, Shademaster or Skyline Honey Locust, Japanese tree lilac, Bird Cherry, Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn , Amur Maakia


Billings Tree Cost Share Program Application

Applications will not be accepted before March 1st of each year.  Trees are on a first come bases throughout the year depending on funding availability.