Arbor Day 2013 Rose Park

Come Take a Walk

Arbor Day had a transforming effect on Rose Park the 3rd Friday in May.  With a theme of “Pooling Our Resources for Trees” students from Rose, Poly, Burlington, and Boulder spent the morning climbing trees, learning about soil & water, wildfire, weeds, insects, weather, ecology, animals, among other environmental disciplines.

While at the same time over 100 volunteers planted 47 large trees, pruned 15 trees, completely landscaped 3 beds, painted part of the Rose pool building, edged sidewalks, fertilized trees, and mulched over 100 trees— and they did it all in one day!

After lunch everyone gathered in the center of Rose Park for the formal Arbor Day ceremony.  Parks and Recreation Director, Mike Whitaker led the ceremony.  Mrs. Bryce’s 4th grade class from Poly Elementary led the crowd in the reading of a poem about trees.  Rachel Court from Senator Jon Tester’s office read a letter from Senator Tester.  Brad Shoemaker from the DNRC Urban Forestry Program presented Rick DeVore, Parks and Recreation Board Chair with Billings Tree City USA award for the 29th year.

In addition to the countless volunteers donating their day to Rose Park many Billings companies also donated supplies and monetary gifts to help make the day a success.  It was a community wide project.

By the end of the day everyone was exhausted but as you walk through Rose Park you can easily see the fruits of a community’s labor.

Pictures from the Day

Thank you to the many Sponsors

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