One of the easiest and best things you can do for that newly planted tree or that tree that has been in your back yard since you moved in 50 years ago is to apply mulch to the base.

Mulch does so many positive things for trees.

  1. Mulch keeps water from evaporating as fast as with turf and keeps the root ball of the tree from drying out as quickly.  With these endless hot days mulch can be your trees best friend.
  2. Mulch keeps competition down around the base of the tree.  Turf and other weeds fight for water & nutrients just like a tree.  By eliminating competition you are helping the tree.  Also you have less turf to mow.
  3. Over time Mulch will decompose and restore organic material to the roots of the tree.
  4. Mulch protects the tree from weed eaters and mowers.  One of the leading causes of tree death is stem girdling by weed eaters.  Mulch will keep competition down so there will be no need to weed eater near the base of the tree.
  5. Aesthetics can be improved with Mulch by adding a new color and contrast to your yard.

When applying mulch spread over 2-4 inches deep as far out as the dripline of the tree, avoid the tendency to volcano mulch, and right at the stem of the tree pull all mulch away 2” as to not rot the stem.