Current Projects

Poly Vista Phase 1 Development | Terry Park Playground and Picnic Shelter | Lillis Park Playground Replacement | Coulson Park Development | Castle Rock Playground | Optimist Park Picnic Shelter

Poly Vista Phase 1 Development

Poly Vista Phasing Diagram

The Parks and Recreation Department and the Landon’s Legacy Foundation have collaborated to develop the first phase of Poly Vista Park. This phase of development will include important park infrastructure improvements, laying the groundwork for fully accessible park features. Development includes mass grading of the site, paving parking areas, installing accessible sidewalks and walkways, construction of an ADA accessible restroom facility, and replacement of the irrigation system at the existing four-play baseball field.


Most notably, phase one will include the installation of Billings’ first Miracle League Baseball Field, a special needs baseball field built with custom-designed rubberized turf that accommodates wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment! Landon’s Miracle Field will provide significant opportunities for individuals who experience physical or mental disabilities that exclude them from other baseball leagues.

Construction of the project kicked off this fall after a Groundbreaking Ceremony held in September. The project is expected to continue through the winter, weather allowing, and conclude in late spring/early summer 2022. Planning for the Grand Opening of Poly Vista and Landon’s Miracle Field is currently in the works.

Terry Park Playground and Picnic Shelter

Winning playground concept to be installed at Terry Park

Terry Park will soon have new playground equipment and a picnic shelter!  Terry Park is a neighborhood park located near 5th Street West and Terry Avenue. This park is very popular, especially in the summer time, because of the splash pad and playground. However, many of the play features at the current playground have been removed because they are either obsolete or unsafe. Existing play features are aging rapidly, dramatically reducing the play value of the equipment. This past summer, the citizens of Billings were able to help choose the new playground equipment that will be installed at the Park through a voting contest held on Facebook. Over 1,200 votes were cast with 84% choosing the winning concept as their preferred playground design!  The new playground will include features that are accessible and inclusive, so that children of all abilities can play side-by-side with their friends. We are awaiting the arrival of the equipment and will begin installation, weather pending, when the installer becomes available. We anticipate the project will be complete in spring of 2022. The playground budget is $300,000.

The Terry Park picnic shelter is under construction! Located near the playground in the southwest corner of Terry Park, this new picnic shelter will be a great asset to the community for family gatherings and other events. The shelter will be available for reservation on the Billings Park and Recreation website,, or on a first-come-first-serve basis. The funds used to purchase and install the shelter were generated from of a cell phone company purchasing the right to install a tower at the fire station near the park. The project is estimated to be completed over the winter. The Shelter budget is $80,000.


Lillis Park Playground Replacement

Lillis Park will soon have new playground equipment! Lillis Park is a neighborhood park located on Parkview Drive off of Broadwater Avenue. This past summer, the citizens of Billings were able to help choose the new playground equipment that will be installed at the Park through a voting contest held on Facebook. Concepts of new playground equipment were voted on by over 1200 people in the same way Terry Park playground equipment was selected.  The winning playground concept (left) selected captured 61% of the votes. This will be a welcome upgrade to this busy neighborhood park.

Coulson Park Development

Staff is currently working on the first phase of development at Coulson Park.  This work will include the location of an ADA-accessible modular concrete restroom structure, a boat ramp, parking, and a picnic area.  Plans and specifications are complete and as soon as we receive the final permit from the Army Corps of Engineers we can put this project out for bids. The project budget is $110,000.

Castle Rock Playground

The Castle Rock Master Plan was completed and adopted by the Council in January of 2021.  Design of the play pod is finished and will go out for bid in July.  Staff is now turning their attention to the playground equipment.  Working with the Heights Task Force, several concepts will be developed for the playground and will be showcased online for citizens to view and vote for their favorite play features.  Look for these concepts this summer.  The goal is to have the playground completed this coming fall/winter. The budget for this project is $400,000.

Optimist Park Picnic Shelter

Work is underway to build a new picnic shelter at Optimist Park.  A contractor was selected and the shelter materials are being ordered.  Initial sitework began in Fall 2021. The shelter will be located on the west end of the existing bathrooms. The South Billings Urban Renewal Association (SBURA) is partnering with the Parks and Recreation Department to fund this project. The budget for this project is $304,978.