Coulson Park is a 50 acre park along the Yellowstone River. “When the railroad came to the area Coulson residents were sure the town would become the railroads hub and Coulson would soon be the Territories largest city. However most of the residents of Coulson ended up moving to the new booming town of Billings. In the end Coulson faded away with the last remains of the town disappearing in the 1930s. Today Coulson Park, a Billings city park, sits on the river bank where Coulson once was.”

Big Sky Economic Development (BSEDA) partnered with Billings Parks and Recreation to fund and develop the Coulson Park Master Plan. Both organizations share a vision of Coulson Park as an important community investment. The masterplan was adopted by City Council in March of 2020 and Big Sky Economic Development received a $250,000 challenge grant from the Montana Natural Resource Damage Program for development at Coulson Park. Through May 2021, BSEDA have raised over $166,500 in donations toward this goal. If you would like to help us meet the full $250,000 match, please contact Dianne Lehm, Director of Community Development at Big Sky Economic Development. You can also donate through the Partners for Parks website by clicking here.

  • Posted on: September 24, 2021
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