City Roads with Trails

City Roads with Trails Projects


As the City of Billings is repaving and constructing new road projects, the city Public Works Department has made a conscientious effort to provide on and off-street bike lanes and trails.  On Lake Hills Drive and Pemberton Lane in the Heights, the road work includes an on-street bike lane.  There are also bike lanes on Rimrock Road from Virginia Lane to 17th Street West, Senators Blvd. and So. 25th Street.  Several road projects have also included a trail separated from vehicular traffic along the roadway.  These projects include the Zimmerman Trail extension (previously called the Arlene Corridor) from Poly Drive down to Broadwater Avenue, South Billings Boulevard from the Frontage Road to King Ave. East and Alkali Creek Road.  Other future road projects that have the potential for a separate trail along the roadway are Rimrock Road from Shiloh Road to 54th Street West, Shiloh Road and Zimmerman Trail from Hwy. 3 to Rimrock Road.  As more bike lanes and trails are incorporated into roadways, Billings will become a more bike friendly community and hopefully a safer place as well as providing connectivity for alternate modes of transportation.
   lake hills zimmerman roadway
LAKE HILLS DRIVE                                              ZIMMERMAN TRAIL EXTENSION