Parks, Rec. and Cemetery Board

Billings Parks, Recreation & Public Lands Department

9 Member Board appointed by the Mayor to a 4 Year Term – 2 Term Limit (unless replacing a member who leaves before term expires, that replacement must first finish the former members term before it expires and then re-apply for their first – 4 year term).  Meets 2nd Wednesday of each Month at 11:30 AM in the Parks and Recreation Offices unless otherwise noted on the agenda.


Rick DeVore*
Catherine Grott**
Mark Wahl***
Tom Rupsis
Rich Lorenz
Darwin George
Dayton Rush
Lew Morris
Marcia Clausing


12/31/18      2nd
12/31/16      2nd 
12/31/18       1st
12/31/17       1st
12/31/17       1st
12/31/17      2nd
12/31/16       (finishing Rachel Cox unexpired term)
12/31/16       (finishing unexpired term of Alan King)
12/31/16       1st


* Chairperson
** Vice Chair
*** School District II Representative


Monthly Board Agendas and Minutes – Click to view.

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